Whilst trying to get every last minute of sleep out of your lie-in might seem like a good idea, there are actually lots of reasons why waking up early is a better one.


We all know the scene where you say you’re going to just snooze for five more minutes and then you wake up and you have only five minutes to get out of the house. Waking up earlier will give you a chance to take things a little more slowly, you won’t need to rush like a mad person around your house forgetting your bag or walking out with mismatched socks. Ellen DeGeneres makes time to spend 20 minutes practicing Transcendental Meditation each morning to help her keep calm and reduce stress!


Starting the day with exercise will not only get your metabolism going, but it will also reduce lethargy and will get you fired up for the day. Yoga is always a great way to start the day, especially if you have space to do it outside as the sunrises.  It also means that you won’t have to cancel your evening plans whether it’s drinks out with friends or a night in front of Netflix as you’ll have got all your exercise done in the morning! President Barack Obama starts his day with a workout at 6.45am every morning allowing him time to read the papers and have breakfast with his family, before starting his work day at 9am.


If you find yourself grabbing a croissant with your coffee or worse skipping breakfast altogether then you need to stop right there. You need to eat a proper breakfast as you are quite literally breaking the fast from when you last ate. If you miss breakfast you’re more likely to crave sugary foods later on or overeat at lunch. With your extra time cook something like eggs with spinach or a smoothie with avocado and blueberries to fill you up. By getting herself and her family up that little bit earlier, Gwyneth Paltrow not only has time to eat breakfast with her family, but to enjoy story time with her son AND stop for treats at a local cafe all before the school run!


If you find yourself struggling to fit in a little peace and quiet for yourself or you dream of just being able to spend a few moments reading then waking up earlier will give you that time. Go for a walk whilst it’s still quiet, take some time to meditate or just read a chapters of your book – it will set you up for the rest of the day knowing you’ve taken some time for yourself.


Studies show that waking up earlier enhances productivity, helps you make better decisions and set goals  as your brain is more alert after a good night’s sleep. There are also less distractions if you’re working when others are still asleep or getting ready for work. Whilst it might be difficult to begin with once you’re used to it you’ll find you have more energy and should see your productivity levels rise!

So what are you waiting for? Set your alarm a little earlier and see the benefits -you can always try setting it 10 minutes earlier for a few days at a time before you’ve worked up to an hour or so. Of course if you’re going to start waking up earlier you will need to go to bed earlier too!


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