On topper the world* – wherever you are

You know that feeling when you sooo want the eve mattress but you just can’t justify buying a new one when there’s really nothing wrong with your current mattress? Yeah, THAT feeling. Don’t worry you’re not alone; actually it’s pretty common. So common, in fact, we decided it was about time we found a solution for those poor souls already in a ‘complicated relationship’ with a mattress. After all, why should you miss out? Doesn’t everybody deserve the perfect start. We think so. That’s why we came up with the topper.


In order to make any mattress feel more like an eve, we condensed the same eve technology into a 5cm foam mattress topper, using the middle and base layers of the original eve, wrapped in a plush, fabric cover. We even thought to integrate an anti-slip layer at the very bottom so it stays put, edge-to-edge on any mattress.


The great thing about the topper is that it’s not just an extra slice of luxury for your mattress. It’s actually pretty convenient too.


Heading over to a friend’s? Roll it up and take it with you. The topper is light and mobile enough for you to pop it in the boot of your car or even embrace your inner nomad and hitch it up underneath your arm or on your shoulder.



Kids moving out into the big wide world for the first time? Send them off with a little home comfort. Being a little more well rested may remind them to call home from time to time.


First time renter? Maybe you’re not ready to take the plunge and commit to a full mattress right now. After all, who’s to say how many times you may decide to move around before you settle in one place. And why not? You’re young after all. The topper is a great way of getting that extra lap of eve luxury at a fraction of the mattress.



Student? Obviously you’ll be up all night studying, but when you do find a moment to get some down time, the topper will feel like manner from heaven when you consider the quality of the mattresses found in student accommodation.



*Sorry, we couldn’t help ourselves.

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